R.K.Steelcrafts presents a range of helmets which are wearable and absolutely comfortable. Our helmets are being widely used for SCA combats, in games movies and For museum. They can also be used as a piece of art to decorate your mantle.

All Helmets are totally Wearable with full comfort.

We also offer stands for Helmets in both Metal and wood.

Our helmets are available in 20 gauge (0.9mm approx), 18 gauge (1.2mm approx), 16 gauge (1.5 mm approx), 14 gauge (1.8mm approx) approx), 12 gauge (2.7mm approx).

Helmets listed here are all available

Helmet with liner, Chinstrap and Buckle.
Helmet without liner, Only paint.
Helmet with full Rexine and Leather.

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